This is the first part in a series of blog posts where I will write about various Social Media Marketing strategies and some general information regarding this growing trend.

Many people still believes that Social Media Marketing (SMM) is easy, fast and cheap.  Even though SMM has been around for a while, many people are only realising now what it could mean for their business and how they can become part of the online conversation.

I will start the first blog post in this series to give you some information on a couple of Social Media Marketing myths.

Social Media Marketing

SMM is cheap and most of the times free

Although most of the popular social media channels online are free to use, it is quite expensive to integrate these channels into an effective internet marketing strategy that will produce successful results. An effective social media strategy requires people with the “know how” of social media that will be interacting and responding online on various social media channels.  If you want your “social media” to be in-house, make sure that the people responsible that will be leading this has all the knowledge to drive your campaign.

SMM is easy

SMM is not an easy task as it takes time and commitment to run a successful campaign.  A successful SMM strategy requires a strategic plan. It takes work and time each day and you will only notice small gains on the different social media channels that you plan to use for your campaign.  All the results needs to be measured and tracked.

SMM content should be charged for

The goal with SMM is to brand yourself and your business as the expert in your market and niche. If you do this right, you and your business will be seen as the company to go to when someone needs something done right. SMM it works like this – the more you give, the more you will get.  SMM is all about building up your brand reputation.

SMM is just for young people

Young people may have been the first people to adopt SMM, but it has now grown and is used by all ages. Each social media channel has its own demographic profile and community. If you want more information on these demographics, visit

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