Pinterest is already a very big deal for many internet marketing agencies and brands, but it is new, and it might just be a passing trend.  Maybe it doesn’t have the right audience for your brand. Before you start spending too much time on Pinterest, do some research and check if it will work for your business.

Whether or not you decide to start using Pinterest, this network can spur your brand and company to use more images in your marketing campaign. If you are not on Pinterest, adding images to your website and blog can help others “pin” your content. If you are still unsure if you should use Pinterest for your business, ask yourself the following questions. If you can can answer yes to many of these questions, dig deeper and research Pinterest.

Pinterest questions

Has any content from your website already been pinned? Check and see if anything on your website has already been pinned.

Does your brand or company create a lot of images or photography? Pinterest is all about images so if your brand or company is focused on using heavy images in your branding and marketing campaigns, Pinterest is for you.

Are you targeting only a specific age group? There are many people from all ages and genders on Pinterest, but if you are targeting people between the ages of 25-34, you are in luck because this is the largest age demographic on Pinterest making up almost 30% of the total user base. If that is your brand’s target market, use Pinterest.

Do you market n service or a product related to art, food, travel, gadgets, sport, weddings, clothing or fitness? These are some of the many consumer focused categories on Pinterest at the moment.

Pinterest is still a very new social network, but it has lots of potential and it is already sporting with more than 10 million unique visitors a month.

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