More businesses are jumping on the Social Media Marketing bandwagon to engage with targeted customers in conversation.  Social Media Marketing (SMM) typically consists of the social engagement on Web 2.0 channels.  These social media channels can include social networks such as Facebook and Linkedin, blogging, video marketing such as YouTube, Twitter, social bookmarking and more.

Organic SEO

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) uses targeted keyword phrases in headings, body text and hyper-links found on the physical web page itself.  This is only one part of the organic SEO process.  To get the best results on the search engines, a dedicated link strategy should always be applied.  Links from trusted well ranked social media channels are amongst the most powerful available.


Blogging is the heart of SMM.  Begin by adding a blog to your website.  Writing original and interesting blog posts will be a natural link magnet from other blogs.  Bloggers usually link to source articles that they reference in their own blog posts.  Links to your blog which is part of your website, will benefit your whole domain.

Content is king

Every heard the famous online marketing saying “Content is King”?  It’s true.  By adding a blog to your website allows you to regularly add targeted keyword rich content to your website.  Every blog post is seen as an individual page.  More content on your website will give the search engines more pages to index, resulting in more search engine traffic. By adding more content to your website will also provide a way to attract more links.

Whitepapers and articles

Posting authoritative whitepapers and articles on your website.  Provide observations of your data, market or industry, offer advice and make predictions. These kinds of whitepapers and articles are powerful for attracting links. Share these articles on Scribd or Slideshare.


Stumbleupon, Delicious and Digg are good ranked social bookmarking channels which can dramatically improve your organic search engine rankings if they are used correctly.  Add plugins to your blog and make it easy to bookmark your content for your visitors.

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