A quick update on the WSI Paris Internet Marketing summit.

We had a great turnout thanks to Gilles Dandel and the support of his IC group.

For the Internet Marketing Summit we had just over 40 attendees and among them were some 12 franchisee prospects.

I was the last speaker and that is always difficult as Gilles Dandel, Frederic Poifol & Philippe Thoniel presented some great material on search engine optimisation, Pay Per click marketing and social media marketing.

I really had to concentrate hard as I was the only English speaker and had to figure out what the previous French speakers has presented, but all went well.

Paris 034

These presenters demonstrated the many ways to get visitors to your website and my presentation covered what was required to convert those visitors into prospects.

As usual I focussed on Content Marketing as I am a big believer that this is best way to build an asset from one’s website.

It was great to have Ron McArthur with us for the entire two days. He opened the summit and presented some interesting stats on how marketing spend on the Internet has now surpassed TV & Radio in the USA and soon in the UK.

Paris 035

The next day & a half I presented most of the training that we had done in Spain that was so successful.

Here is the agenda of the training:


We received some great feedback for the ICs that attended and this made it all worthwhile.

I really enjoy my job and the freedom that my WSI franchise gives me

Here is a comment for Anita Plak Semprimožnik

Hi Francois,

Thank you very much for the IM training in Paris. Must say that your training was the best I have attended within WSI as it brings a lot of value to my business. I also appreciate the system and the tools you have shared with us that I can implement immediately.

I meet great people from all over the world. Many of them invite me to their homes and and are so hospitable. The WSI family really exists and works, all you need to do is join in and have fun.

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