How do you get your news?  Do you read it online or from the morning paper?  More people are reading news online than the traditional printed newspaper.  Why do you want to read news that is a day old? People read news online in popular news websites, social networks, blogs, podcasts, etc.

The reason for this is:

  1. Online Speed: Traditional newspaper news is outdated.  It takes a day to prepare, print and distribute  Popular magazines can take up to a month.  News stories can be found online as they happen.  Real time information.
  2. Newspaper space:  Newspaper space is limited.  Every page in the paper must be paid for by advertising revenue.  When the newspaper business revenue falls, the number of pages must decrease. There is absolutely no space limitations on the internet.
  3. Cost:  Traditional newspapers are much more expensive to create and distribute than online news.  Distribution costs for newspapers continue to escalate with labor and fuel costs.  None of these barriers exist on the web.
  4. Search vs Browse: In traditional newspapers and magazines you browse to what you want to read.  It is a much slower and relaxed way to get and read your news.  Most people today Google their questions and they get instant results.  The web allows for instant results, traditional newspapers doesn’t.
  5. Environmental: Traditional printed newspapers and magazines have an environmental cost.  With extensive recycling efforts there’s high costs of fuel and labor with paper recycling.  News found on the web is ozone friendly.

It is a fact that printed news and magazines are dying daily.  Online news and opinions is busy growing.  Social media and blogs is replacing traditional newspapers and magazines.

The web has the advantages of being almost instantaneous, flexible or unlimited amount of space and providing a free source of news.

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