Feeling blank or depressed when being tasked with writing a certain article can cause you to lose your motivation. Although everyone has heard of the dreaded “writer’s block”, few writers actually know when they are experiencing it. Many times, one will push a certain project or job to the back of your mind for days before starting to write it and when you finally start, it feels like the article just drags on and takes forever to finish.

The problem with writer’s block is that you’ve already created this huge, horrible task in your mind, before you have even started to write! This is called writer’s block and the good part is that it’s easy to overcome.

Strategies to get the project done

  • Visit an article database. If you are writing about a technical or specialised subject, you may feel like there just isn’t a lot of information about the subject, making research and knowledgeable writing harder for you. Visit one of the many article databases and look at a few articles that other writers have done on the subject (you’ll probably see that a lot of them have more or less the same information, simply re-written in a different way). This can give you a different perspective on how to tackle difficult subjects.
  • Talk about the subject. Casually mention the subject of the article when talking to colleagues or friends. You may find that somebody knows more about the subject than you and this can also give you a few topic ideas that you didn’t think of before.
  • Refuse to divert your attention. What makes writer’s block so frustrating is that you try to block the task out of your mind by reading e-mails, checking out a news site and occupying yourself with other mundane tasks. The problem is that the article will linger in your head and you won’t really be focusing on either of the tasks in front of you. If you’ve started to write the article, don’t take a break and stick to the task until you are done.
  • Leave it for the morning. Deciding to do an article the next day may seem like procrastination, but I’ve found that writing in the morning is much easier than trying to get an article done during the midday slump.
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