There’s three parts to implementing a good organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign.  Successful organic SEO results requires the following: keyword rich text, website architecture and link development.  If you are missing even one of these, you are limiting your results.

Find below more information regarding these three organic SEO elements.

Keyword rich content:

Search engines and visitors of your website reads the text found on your content.  Your website should cater for both those audiences.  Search engine judges your website by how your content is formatted. Your visitors will look at your marketing message.  Content should be original, compelling and make your visitors to take action.

Your content pages must contain valid keywords that are relevant to what your targeted visitors are searching for.  Most search engine queries are made with  a question being asked.  Provide your visitors with valid answers to their questions.  Your keyword phrases must be used in prominent ways.  This includes page titles, headings, usage of bold text, keywords in links, etc.

Your pages need to contain the keywords that are relevant to what your targeted visitors are searching for. These keyword phrases must be used in prominent ways. This includes page headlines, bold text, links, numbered lists, etc.

Website Architecture:

Your website architecture and structure controls the search engines access to keyword rich content.  Your  website navigation should be simple and easy to follow.  The structure of your website should be easy for search engine spiders to follow and have a natural sales flow for visitors.

If your website navigation is a bit complex, create a XML Sitemap for search engine spiders and submit it to Google webmaster tools, Yahoo site explorer and MSN.

Your website pages should be named with the most important keyword phrases. The pages should be constructed in validated error free code. Navigation should be strengthened with interlinking of pages within the body text.

Link Development:

Relevant incoming links to your website tells search engines that your website is important.  Search engines place great importance on link text and how relevant these incoming links are.

Linking should be from a variety of other sites including websites, blogs and social media. Linking should not just be to the home page, but to relevant pages deep within your site.

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