The internet knows no boundaries but unfortunately most SEO campaigns are not optimized well enough to take advantage of this factor. If your website is intended to target international searches it is crucial that you familiarize yourself with some of these online marketing strategies for international SEO

Use a country specific domain – Your website will get a major boost if it has the appropriate country domain. Search engines like Google allow their users to search for content from within their own country. So if your target market is in the United Kingdom it is ideal that you have a domain than a .com

Language – It is desirable that your website or your landing pages be written in the language of the country you are targeting. This includes your title tags and description tags.

Link Building – it is advisable to seek incoming links from other websites that are in your targeted countries. When you request the links you should also make sure that they are in the appropriate language

Build separate sites – if you have one main international website you should consider giving your visitors an option branch off to local websites. This will give you the opportunity to localize your content e.g. pricing and different currencies.

International Paid Search Marketing – Search engines like Google give you an opportunity to run pay per click ads in foreign markets. With Google’s adwords you will be able to target specific countries and languages.

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