The internet is all full of information. People are usually searching the web for answers or solutions that they are seeking. If the web pages on your website doesn’t give answers and doesn’t provide the information that your visitors are looking for, what is the point of having a website at all? With on page search engine optimization you can change this.

All of your web pages should consist of information that is clear, concise and optimized. Give users a reason to browse to your website.

Not everyone reads the entire text found on a web page, they scan. Attention spans are short. You always need to capture the attention of your visitor and get them interested to follow through. Most “good” websites are full of interesting advertisements with some benefits and present good information but they don’t ask for a direct and instant response. They might get the visitor interested, but they do not follow through for a successful business or sales deal.

As stated before, people are searching the web for solutions. Most of them are not looking to buy products or services. They buy the solution to their problem. Give your visitors the results that they need.

Remember that most people on the Internet don’t read everything on the page, they scan. Attention spans are short. You need to capture the attention of your visitor, get them interested and then follow through with a clear and compelling offer.

Find below a couple of tips to help you with the sales process of a web page.

Web page headline

Grab the attention of your visitors with a compelling headline statement. Don’t be afraid to make the headline entertaining. Get your visitors interested in the headline and then close the deal with your content.


Your content should always be unique and informative. Give your visitors the information that they are seeking. Always avoid unsubstantiated marketing. Format your content to be easily scan-able by including bold text, italics and bullet points for important information found on the page. Use a confident tone with a strong action. Your visitors needs the reassurance that your solution will work for them.

CTA (Call to action)

This is the most important part of your web page. Guide your visitors to what you want them to do. It should be clear if you want them to buy, register, call or sign up. Never make them look and hunt for the next logical steps to take. Always make it clearly visible and never give more than 3 choices or options or you could lose their attention.

By optimizing your pages to get the “yes” action is very important if you want your web pages to be successful. Leave a comment below if you require additional information regarding the optimization of your pages or on page search engine optimization.

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