A successful blog can improve your organic search engine rankings faster than any other method. All popular blogging systems includes an automated RSS (Real Simple Synidation) file that gets updated every time you post a new topic. With the RSS feed plugged into your blog, you can broadcast your material and marketing message to other websites and RSS aggregators fast.

Blogs and links from them are usually given more importance by the search engines than normal websites. Optimized blog writing is a key part of blog SEO marketing and to gain more targeted website traffic.

By saying all this, how you write your blog topics and postings is very important to get the best organic search engine rankings. Find below a couple of tips and elements for good organic SEO blog postings.


Research and create a blogging plan that is highly focused on keywords and content. Choose no more than 6 keyword phrases and it is best if these phrases are selected around a single concept or subject. Use the same keywords in the tags of your post as this can help RSS aggregators to place your topic in the best category.


Use one of your keyword phrases within the title of your blog post. Search engines tend to give high importance to the keywords found in a blog title. Remember that when you write your blog post topic, you want to attract readers and make sure your post gets indexed by the search engines. Same with normal Search Engine Optimization – write for humans, not robots.


Use the targeted keywords you have chosen at least once in the first 25 words of your blog posting. Search engines places a higher value on text used near the beginning of a blog posting. Never overuse your selected keyword phrases. To have a good measure, use the selected key phrase 3 times with a blog posting of between 300-400 words.


Link to other topics you have created and other blogs in your postings. Use the exact text phrase and link these keyword phrases to the most relevant pages on the website you are linking to. This can boost your rankings for those keywords – if of course you are linking within your blog post to your own website or online profile.

Blog Posting Length

Try to keep your blog postings between 300-450 words. Search engines generally prefer longer postings, while human readers prefer shorter postings. This is due to people scanning the contents of a blog to what they are looking for. People aren’t searching the web any more but filtering it to find exactly the information that they seek.

As stated before, blogs can greatly boost your search engine rankings by optimizing the content found on your blog postings. Blogging together with social media marketing takes time and dedication but the benefits you can gain from one over exceeds the time spent by optimizing it.

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