SEO services and local SEO can lead consumers to your business by helping them to find your website, YouTube channel and other social media profiles. Over 2 billion people watch content on YouTube, every month, so this platform can give you fantastic exposure as long as you optimise your YouTube marketing videos.

How to Optimise your YouTube Marketing Videos with SEO Services & Local SEO 


Keep your brand consistent with your overall branding strategy 

The branding of your YouTube channel must be consistent with that of your website and other social media accounts.

1. Use keywords in the title of your videos 

The title is what makes people want to click on your video, and adding keywords to the video title ensures the audience and SEO algorithms will find it. 

2. Put keywords at the beginning of your video description

Only the first three lines of a description are displayed before you must click ‘see more’, so include the keyword in the first three lines.

3. Use keywords in the video file 

The YouTube algorithm will find your video more easily if you include the keyword in the video file.

4. Use thumbnails to attract attention and show the video’s topic

Customise thumbnails to be eye-catching and accurately reflect the content of your business video. 

5. Use relevant tags

Tags tell consumers and YouTube what your video is about. Keep your tags relevant and use keywords to promote content and context. 

6. Pick the right category 

For the best ranking, do thorough research and find a category the reflects your audience, style and content.

Search engine optimisation is not the only way to optimise your YouTube marketing videos. Post videos regularly, make them mobile friendly and easy to share, include a call-to-action in every video and create playlists that feature your videos with others. 

Need more SEO marketing tips? Contact WSIOMS, your local SEO and SEO Services experts, for help with keyword research and SEO integration that will help your audience to find your carefully created content.  

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