As you should know by now, news online spread at the speed of light and in real-time. With the rate at which news travels online, it makes perfect sense for a business to monitor what is being said about them, their products, and their services to make sure they know what people are talking about them online. The web is massive and unfortunately you will find some people who will say negative things about your business, brand, and products for the sole purpose of hurting your reputation online.

As we are getting more involved digitally everyday, so has the ability of everyone to have a microphone in almost every matter as it relates to life. If you are a business owner, you can longer simply sit back and depend on old communication methods such as press releases in the hopes of controlling your business image to the world. The new ways of online PR requires that you should have a process in place to check on your business and brand name constantly.

On the first page of the search engine result pages (SERP’s) you will find many negative comments and reviews for various business names. The problem with this is that those businesses usually didn’t respond to those comments when it started and the truth is that the longer a business waits to deal with a negative online reputation the harder it gets.

Digital assets that ages on the web gains power. Google’s search algorithm is very smart and they know that spam infested online channels doesn’t last that long, therefore, they are giving authority (page rank) to websites that have aged and showed value. This makes it very hard to remove a negative comment on a website that has a lot of authority online and that are ranking for specific keywords such as your brand or product names.

If you allow your customers or competitors to upload any information about your business that is negative and you don’t act on, then you stand a chance of having trouble getting rid of that information in the future. Most people doesn’t understand that the web is public and that means that everyone with the right access will be able to view the information. This makes it more important to check your online reputation and brand image on a constant basis.

Social media and SEO

With online reputation management, the easiest way to get started in monitoring and protecting your digital reputation is with SEO (search engine optimization) and social media. With SEO you can create a strategy to help you rank on Google for various keywords such as your brand and product names.

Social media is a great way that you can use to communicate directly with your customers and monitor what people are currently talking about you online. With social media you can also transform your customer service department to monitor and respond to any of your customers queries online.