If there’s one thing that business owners are quick to tell you, it’s that PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing is expensive. To a certain degree, this is true (seeing as other lead generation strategies such as content marketing and social media marketing are free and don’t cost you per click).

Here at WSI, our internet marketing experts will tell you that there are definitely certain instances when PPC is the better way to market a product. Mother’s Day promotion gifts, for example, would be one of these instances. Here’s why:

PPC gets you on the first page of Google instantly

Whether you’re selling a Spa Day package, an outdoor adventure experience or promotional products for Mother’s Day, you can’t start planning your online marketing campaign a month or two in advance and expect to end up on the first page of Google’s Search Results.

High SEO rankings take time and if Mother’s Day related keywords aren’t something you’re usually writing content about, there’s a good chance that your content will get lost among the thousands of other web pages. With PPC campaigns, you can get on the 1st page of Google within a day.

Find a very niche audience

When it comes to marketing promotional products, you’re usually looking for a niche audience. We’re not taking about “people looking to buy Mother’s Day presents” – we could mean “man over 50 looking to spoil his wife who likes arts and crafts”. There’s an audience for every product and service out there, no matter how obscure. PPC gives you the opportunity to experiment with different AdWords keywords and advertisements. The best part is that you’re only paying per clicks, so you can try your utmost best to target your ideal consumer (without wasting money on people who wouldn’t convert into clients).

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