If you have taken it upon yourself to handle your own online marketing campaign, you will know that having an interesting and engaging blog forms part of an effective strategy. Unfortunately, writing a blog and getting people to read it, comment and share your posts is a lot harder than some companies make it appear. The trick is to do it right. Present the right content and know just how to grab the attention of your target audience. Sounding complicated already? It doesn’t have to be.

Below are a few of the top reasons why your target audience isn’t reading and supporting your blog:

  • You don’t have a strong audience persona in place – if you want to earn the readership and respect of your target audience, you need to position yourself as a professional and expert in the industry. Develop an online persona that your audience can relate to and look up to. Make sure that you know your audience and what they want.
  • Your social media marketing / blog content isn’t specifically aimed at your target audience – being vague in your blog posts simply to get those keywords out there certainly won’t earn you any respect or attention in your industry. Make sure that your content is something that your target audience wants to read. Perhaps you can include “how-to” articles are detailed advice on how to overcome certain challenges and problems when using certain products.
  • You don’t have a thorough understanding of how your target audience searches for information – this can be tricky, but you need to find out what your audience searches for, what they are hoping to learn and how you can provide content that specifically caters to their need for information.
  • The tone and style of your content doesn’t complement your brand – it can be easy to lose sight of your brand’s own “personality”. Be careful to ensure that your style and brand tone is consistent in your blog posts.
  • You let your content get stale – if you aren’t posting on a regular basis, you are giving your customers a slack impression. Keep posting interesting and helping content on a regular schedule. When customers check back to your blog, they must see that you have been actively involved.
  • You haven’t tested what type of blog posts get the best reactions – if your blog isn’t working for you and you keep posting the same sort of content, you aren’t going to suddenly win. You need to test a variety of types of blogs. If “how to” posts don’t work for you, perhaps latest news or interest pieces will. Try your hand at a variety of styles. Find what works for you – don’t just settle for what doesn’t.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many alternative reasons to why your target audience is not reading and responding to your blog. Consulting with an online marketing professional can help to uncover some of those reasons.

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