Online marketing advice: Using YouTube Video Cards with YouTube videos is a great way to grow your online presence and boost engagement with your target audience. These can be used to drive more traffic to your website or even raise money for a project that you are working on. This is done by making your YouTube videos more interactive with YouTube Video Cards. These cards work very similarly to annotations and you can include up to 5 cards in each video, making it convenient to offer a variety of call-to-action annotations depending on where the viewer is in the video. If you have used annotations before you might have been frustrated that they don’t work on mobile devices – the great news about video cards is that they do.

There are five types of video cards to choose from as follows: associated website, fundraising, merchandise, video, playlist and fan funding. You can quite easily track how well your cards are performing within the YouTube analytics section. Below you will learn how to add these video cards to your YouTube videos:

·       Sign in to your YouTube account.

·       Open the Video Manager page.

·       Select a video you would like to add video cards to and click “edit.”

·       You will find a tab at the top of your video called “cards,” – click on this tab.

·       Click on “add card.”

·       Select the type of video card you would like to add to your video and then click “create”.

·       Now you can insert the URL that you want to direct your viewers to when they click on the video card.

·       Click “create card” and you’re done.

·       Images can be added to the card – these must have the following dimensions: 150 x 150 px.

Once your card is created you can edit it by adding a start time to it (the option for this will be found at the bottom of the screen) and also making changes or deleting it by clicking on the pencil icon next to the card.

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