Google Analytics is a free web analytics service that tracks everything that happens on your website. It is quite simple to use and has been deemed a must for businesses of all types and sizes. Here are 5 awesome things that it can do, all of which are sure to benefit your online marketing efforts:


  1. Tailor which Data You See First

Are you more interested in analysing your website’s bounce rate? Perhaps you want to see the number of weekly visitors immediately after logging on? Regardless of the stats you wish to analyse first, you can customise this using Google Analytics’ Dashboards feature.


  1. Find Out What People Are Searching for

If your website has a handy search function (it definitely should!), Google Analytics can provide you with all of the data regarding what people actually searched for.


  1. Find Out Which Links People Are Clicking on the Most

You can see all this information by navigating to In-Page Analytics under the Content menu. The In-Page Analytics will pull up your website in the Analytics browser and provide you with a visual representation of the number of clicks that each internal link on your site has received.


  1. Discover Which Pieces of Content Are the Strongest

Using Google Analytics, you can find out which pieces of content marketing gold are holding your visitors’ attention the longest. View this info by clicking on the Content menu and selecting ‘Pages’ under ‘Site Content’.


  1. Find Out Where People Are Opting Out During the Checkout Process

Are they leaving right before paying? Is this because you are requesting too much detail and making your potential clients feel like you are wasting their time? This will provide you with better insight into how best to optimise your website’s checkout process to increase conversions.


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