When you devise your content marketing strategy, you need to be clear on what business goals you need to accommodate. Content marketing can cover a wide range of online content, from blogs and articles to social media statuses and tweets, so it needs to all link up to your overall strategy and goals that you want to achieve in order to be successful.

Here are 5 business goals for content marketing for you to consider:

  1. Drive website traffic. If you think your website just isn’t getting the views and responses it needs, you can use content marketing to drive potential customers to your website. The best way to do this is through links in your content, whether it is in blogs or social media. Be careful not to spam your readers – rather strategically place your links to a select amount of different but relevant phrases.
  2. Attract new customers. Every business wants to keep attracting new customers and content marketing is a great way to do this. You can promote your company through Twitter and other social media platforms with targeted campaigns, competitions and news to increase brand awareness to a massive online community.
  3. Build customer relationships. Content marketing is the perfect medium for building a relationship with your customers. Blogs and social media are unique platforms for personal communication with clients, allowing you to speak to your customers individually and instantly – resolving concerns, answering questions and becoming a part of their everyday lives. Here, there is no need for a sales pitch – you are talking to your customers from the position of a valued friend, a position vital to marketing success.
  4. Increase opt-in page conversions. Digital marketing is, by in large, a numbers game, and the best way to increase your opt-ins conversions is to increase site visitors. Quality content that engages the online community and causes them to click through to your website will do this efficiently and cost-effectively.
  5. Build company reputation. Nothing increases brand awareness like having a relationship built on trust. Content marketing gives you the opportunity to share you and your company’s extensive and valuable experience with the massive online community, placing you as an authority on your chosen subject. For this reason, the quality of your content is very important, as when you give advice that works, people will come back for more.

To find out more about content marketing and how it can help you achieve your business goals, contact WSI today!

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