So who needs email subscribers anyway? Well, anybody wanting to sell more products or services and get their message out to the world, of course. Searching on Google for the mystery answer generally leads to the same suggestions: start writing a blog, market yourself on social media, add an opt-in form to your blog…same old, same old. There has to be something else, something new to try…Here are nine cunning tips to getting more subscribers.

  • Create the bait

Find out what is trending in your niche, exactly what it is that is keeping people up at night and focus your efforts on that specifically. Posting up-to-date and relevant blogs on the platform most suited to it will create a lot of interest.

  • Grab the reader’s attention

There is so much out there and people have limited time so it’s really important to seize the attention and make your article eye-catching. The obvious way is to create an edgy headline (List format: 10 hacks you won’t learn at school; How to format: How to hypnotise friends; Be specific by using numbers and dates: Lose 20 pounds in just 30 days). This also applies to newsletters sent by email – make the subject line short, sweet and to the point.

  • Find your audience

Blogging every day to the followers on your website will only reach a small amount of people, over a long time. Guest blogging or posting your articles on social media sites is a very effective way to reach a relevant target audience. When guest posting, ensure the host site will allow you to reference your website/author bio, or there’s not much point. Make sure your links are noticeable, i.e. on the same page. Also, check the comments to find out how engaging your content is.

  • Get influencers to share your content

Add top influencers within your niche market to your blog post or newsletter and give each of them a heads-up that you referenced them in your article. Chances are they’ll check out what you wrote and share your content with their followers. To find out the influencers in your niche, try: authorityspy, technorati or buzzsumo.

  • Use Google+

After you have published your blog, add the people you’ve mentioned in your post to the end, using their Google+ name. They will get a notification from Google that their name has been used and will check out where. This gives them the opportunity to share your content with their Google+ platforms.

  • Offer PDF downloads

Give your readers the chance to download a version of your article in pdf format, so they can refer to it later. Use a download option with an opt-in requirement – some readers will pass on it, but it the content is great, others will opt-in. Putting the download option at the top and bottom of your article is a good idea too.

  • Opt-in boxes

Making it easy and quick for people to sign up for your newsletters will lead to more subscribers. Here are some tips for sign up options:

  • Don’t ask for too much information, an email address is all you need at first.
  • Include a special offer or new subscriber’s gift when signing up – people love things for free and incentives work well to drive subscriptions. The DMA report (consumer research to email marketers) says 60% of users will sign up for a newsletter to receive special offers/sales.
  • Place an opt-in box in the comments
  • Add sign-in options to your social media accounts.
  • Use pop-ups that appear during the newsletter, but again, ask for only the email address and use a big X for those not interested.
  • Use the word ‘free’ in your opt-in copy (e.g. when you subscribe, you will receive a free eBook).
  • Be upfront about the frequency of the newsletters – people are nervous of a flooded inbox. Use words such as weekly, monthly or periodically.
  • P.S. I love you…

Use a postscript at the end of every blog or newsletter to share a link to related content elsewhere on your site. Research has shown that readers often skim read, but always read the postscript. You can also use a postscript to subscribe, e.g. P.S. If you enjoyed this post, why not subscribe to our weekly newsletter? Sign up here.

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