There is a host of benefits that come with having a business blog as part of your digital marketing strategy. Using tools such as WordPress have made blogging far more effective and user friendly and this was only improved with the development of plugins.

Plugins essentially came about to add extra features to WordPress without altering the original code and were created in order to enhance the functionality of your site in one way or another. The idea of creating plugins generated a lot of excitement which spread and now WordPress has the ability to do more than the creators ever dreamed just by making use of these nifty little tools.

New WordPress Plugins will boost your social media marketing

Here are some examples of a few of the latest and most useful Plugins you can get to improve your site. The best part? They’re free and ideal for non-coders.

  • Simple Author Box. This is an easy way to include your own customisations to your page and improve the overall visual impact. You can make use of web fonts from Google and even include icon-links for social media
  • This provides its own templating language which allows you to more easily develop your WordPress themes.
  • Memoria Ticket System. This Plugin allows you to create a customisable form for help tickets and will allow you to sort them by category and department.

These are just a few of the plugins which will help make your site more user friendly for both you and your customers. When it comes to online interaction, people want functionality efficiency and making use of tools such as these will go a long way in helping you create the digital marketing image you need.

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