Whether or not you are an active member on Pinterest, it is easy to see the social media marketing benefits of the platform for your business. Now, however, becoming an active pinner could be even more beneficial as Pinterest has now introduced a new messaging feature to its arsenal.

Before, Pinterest mainly allowed users to take images they found interesting or attractive and pin it to their profile. This allows for other Pinterest users to see the image and possibly do the same. Now, with the new messaging service, Pinterest users are able to actually converse and collaborate with one another directly, thus enhancing the entire social experience of the site. http://www.exacttarget.com/blog/new-pinterest-messaging-feature-gives-pinners-a-chance-to-collaborate/

How to use Pinterest to benefit your business

Even before this new feature was released, the rate at which people were pinning was fast and furious, with the new messaging feature, the site has now become more social and interactive which means that the number of pins are sure to increase and this opens up channels for businesses to increase online sales and generate more interest and exposure.

The best way to ensure successful digital marketing on channels such as Pinterest is to shift your focus to quality and content. Ensure your images are carefully selected and optimised so that users will want to pin them firstly and secondly ensure that the content surrounding your images will make for interesting interaction to ensure maximum exposure for your business.

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