If you have a LinkedIn marketing strategy that involves connecting with potential clients, business owners and thought leaders in your industry, then you’re going to be pleased to learn that the professional networking platform is working on two new products, which will also help your employees connect with each other. This will be a great way for colleagues to improve existing connections with each other and bring employers and employees closer together.

The first product is currently being tested on a number of LinkedIn users and it allows colleagues to send InMail (LinkedIn’s own version of email) to a colleague even if they aren’t an existing connection. Another feature of this product is being able to upload contact information, which will essentially create a database of employee contact info for companies.

The second product will focus on making it easy for colleagues to share information with each other. If, for example, you are hosting a networking function and want a specific set of employees to know about it, you would be able to share a blog post about the function with these employees. They could then, in turn, share the information with relevant clients on their LinkedIn networks to boost attendance.

Both products are still in testing phase, but it will be interesting to see what the uptake of these products is once they are launched to all LinkedIn users. As a business owner, it would be a good idea to learn how they work and introduce them to your employees in order to boost intra-office content sharing and LinkedIn connections among your staff.

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