When it comes to social media marketing, people tend to get hyped up about Facebook ad strategies and new platforms like Vimeo and SnapChat. I’ve found LinkedIn to be one of the most effective business networking tools though. While changes in social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are pretty common, LinkedIn’s changes are usually more few and far between (but usually have a greater impact).

One of the recent changes on LinkedIn is the sleeker home page. The new home page layout allows a lot of customisation and it feels faster. If I had to describe the new look and feel, I’d say it’s a mix between Google+ and Facebook.

LinkedIn announced the new changes in their blog, saying these are just the first of a bunch of new changes that users can expect.

“This is just the beginning of many more exciting, new features we plan to bring to the Homepage to offer more customization and functionality this year. We look forward to making the LinkedIn Homepage your go-to destination to discover and discuss what matters to you, your industry and your professional network around the world.”

The new home page includes the latest updates from your network and it also recommends the top three stories you might be interested in reading. If you decide to click to see more news stories, you will be taken to the LinkedIn Today page where more relevant news stories have been chosen for you.

The best feature of the new home page is undoubtedly the fact that you can engage with your connections directly from your home page. If you see a relevant post from a connection or industry group, you can comment on it right there. This makes it much easier to stay connected and keep communicating on LinkedIn.

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