Any successful digital marketing strategy relies on consumer data. If you want to create a dynamic, innovative internet marketing plan, you need to know who your customer are, who you potential customers are, their demographics and what they want. Here are a few ways to get the right data to help you tailor your digital marketing strategy:

Use your Google Analytics data

Google Analytics can provide you with a wealth of information. You can find out which countries your website traffic is coming from, how they are engaging with your site and which pages are the most popular. Use this data to customise your content – whether this means creating a mirror website in a different language, showcasing popular products on your home page or making it easier to get to your top content – make sure you’re using this information as the backbone of your digital marketing strategy.

Set up a survey

Some things you might not be able to find out from simply looking at your Google Analytics. Create a survey and e-mail a link to your e-mail subscribers, post it on your social media pages and put it on your website’s home page. Use this survey to find out other things that you would want to know about your customers, such as what their household income is, who makes the buying decisions at home, what their hobbies are and how they spend their free time.

Use your social media analytics

Facebook Insights can give you a good idea of your online community’s demographics, such as their gender, age, interests and what type of content is the most popular on your Facebook page.

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