Being a business owner can be rewarding, especially when you do what you love. I have been an Internet Marketing consultant with WSI since 2003 and I must say that I am having fun. The Internet Marketing industry changes all the time and it gives me the opportunity to learn more.

My passion is to travel and meet other Internet Consultants and business owners around the world and my job allows me to do that.

Over the next month I will be travelling to Spain, London and Orlando to present to other WSI consultants on Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

In Spain I will be conducting a 2-day workshop training WSI’s Spanish Internet Consultants.

  • On day one we will cover, “Business operations and the sales process to win clients”
  • On day two, “Internet Marketing, all the aspects”

I am looking forward to this workshop and have been preparing like crazy.

In London I will be joining 6 other top WSI consultants and we will be presenting on all the aspects of Social media, including many case studies.

My topic covers: “Integrating Social Media and Search Marketing for your clients”.

My team are helping me with this preparation and we are developing an “on the fly” Digital Media Plan for WSI consultants. I am excited about this as we will be doing all we are presenting about. A real time case study.

Then in Orlando I will be joining an elite group of presenters to participate in WSI’s E&I Conference. This will be my first time presenting in the America and I am looking forward to it. My presentation title is: “SEO Then and Now: What’s the same? What’s New”

The pressure is on as I won “The Best Presentation” at the E&I Conference in Stansted London in March this year.

I leave on the 3rd September and return back home to South Africa on the 3rd October. Along the way I will keep you updated.

Just to let you know that if you ever need a speaker at one of your company events, just contact me and I will be glad to present for you.

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