Any blogger or at least most of them loves WordPress and Twitter. WordPress is an excellent publishing platform that can be used for a variety of online services and the most well-known one – blogging.

Twitter is a micro blogging tool that I usually use to announce new blog posts I have made and to collaborate with my friends, family and clients.

Even though there’s a couple good Twitter plugins available for WordPress, I was struggling to find a good list that shows and describes the best Twitter plugins for WordPress until I stumbled upon the list below from Technobuzz.

Feel free to add your own to this list by leaving a comment below as I will update this list regularly.

You can find the full list here:

  • Twittrup : Updates Twitter when you create a new blog post utilizing a shortener service of your choice.
  • WP to Twitter : Posts a Twitter status update when you update your blog or post to your blogroll, using the Cligs URL shortening service.
  • Tweetly Updater : This plugin sends Twitter updates on new or edited posts, uses
  • TwitThis Button : Adds the TwitThis button into your posts and RSS feed and auto-tweets new posts.
  • TweetMeme Button: Adds the TweetMeme button into your posts and RSS feed.
  • TweetScribe: TweetScribe plugin connects your WordPress blog with Through this site users can subscribe to your blog using their twitter account. Every time you make a new post they will be direct messaged (DM’ed) with your post. It is also a blogging list directory where you choose which categories to list your blog under. This way new readers might find your blog to expand their interests.
  • Twitter Friends Widget: Twitter Friends is a WordPress plugin that displays your Twitter friends/ followers in your sidebar in the same way that they appear on your Twitter homepage.
  • Twitter Friendly Links: Your very own TinyURL within your OWN domain! If you DO promote your blog posts in Twitter, then you MUST make your links look cool!
  • Tweetable: Tweetable is intended to help integrate Twitter into your blog. It can automatically tweet links to your blog posts as they are published. It can display your latest tweet in your sidebar and add a tweetmeme widget after your posts. You can even use it to share a Twitter account among a blog’s author’s if you wish .
  • Thread Twitter: Thread Twitter fetch your tweets and display them in thread style.