Look around you and you will see many people enamoured with the content on their phone. If you’re not paying attention to mobile devices in 2019, then you are going to get left behind. Here are five statistics that may change your digital marketing strategy this year:

  • Users Spend 69% Of Their Media Time On Smart Phones

This means you are more likely to engage with people on their mobile phones than on desktop computers. If you are not optimising for mobile, then you could be alienating your target audience.

  • 80% Of Social Media Time Is Spent On A Mobile Device

If people are engaging with your social media content, then they are probably doing it on their smartphones. Think mobile first.

  • 57% Of Users Say They Won’t Recommend A Business With A Poorly Designed Website

Your credibility is on the line. If you are not optimising for mobile, you are losing business.

  • Mobile Email Opens Have Grown By 180% In The Last 3 Years

Email is not dead, in fact, it is actually growing. Are you checking your emails on mobile devices? So are your clients.

  • By 2019, Mobile Advertising Is Expected To Represent 72% Of All US Digital Ad Spend

Mobile marketing isn’t going anywhere. The chances are good that your competition is already investing in it – and you should, too.

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