People follow blogs because they want to hear about the blogger’s opinions and views. This doesn’t mean you can rant and rave unreservedly (especially if you are copywriting for a client), but it does mean that you have to find a balance between the relevant information you provide and adding some personal flair in the form of opinions.

Some bloggers are instinctively afraid of giving their own opinions in their pieces – this is especially true for those of us that come from a journalism or marketing background (we feel that everything we say has to be based on some sort of cold, hard evidence).

When it comes to blogging, however, it’s a totally different ball game. Don’t be scared to let personal experiences or thoughts slip into your blogs because you’re afraid that what you are saying may offend some of your readers – the readers follow what you have to say and keep coming back to your blog because they either like your opinions or want to read a bit of controversy on a subject.

What if the client doesn’t like your opinion?

As a copywriter, you already know that some clients are more open to change / controversy / trying new methods of writing. If the client you are writing for is worried about pushing the wrong person’s buttons (such as stakeholders, clients or colleagues), you can also avoid pushing a specific agenda by linking to other pages (which feature various opinions on the subject) and merely mentioning all the different points of view.

The key to mixing facts and opinions is becoming an expert on the subject. If you’re writing about soap, take some time to find out where the product comes from, what sorts of environmental concerns are involved, what type of progresses have been made on the manufacturing side of the product and so forth. Even if you aren’t an expert on the subject, people reading the specific blog are interested in it and don’t want to read a list of bullet point facts. When a client hires a copywriter, they are hiring somebody to speak in their voice, so make sure you’ve got one or two interesting opinions and little known facts to throw into your blogs and articles along the way!

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