Blogging has grown after the past 10 years to a tried and true marketing tool.  Blogging started as a simple experimentation – the same with most of the popular online trends today. Blogging has grown to a business necessity.  By having a blog for your company is most likely the easiest method to start engaging in social media.  Some even believe that blogging started the whole social media marketing craze even though it has been around for far longer than blogs.

Blog marketing is a core tool in social media marketing (SMM).  According to Technorati, they are tracking over 110 million blogs.  What a number!  By having a blog and by continuously participating on it could have great benefits for yourself and your company.  You can get tremendous web traffic to your website from your blog and increase your visibility and reach every corner on earth.

Even though there’s allot of blogs covering almost every niche on the internet, misconceptions about what blogging is and who should be using it are bound to be found.

Find a couple of FACTS regarding blogging below.

It is easy

This is first on the list as successful blogging isn’t easy.  Doesn’t matter what anyone has told you before – to have a successful blog is real work. It is also fun and rewarding as you develop a following that is interested in what you have to say.  With a blog, you can be the expert in your niche and industry.   By writing original informative material takes research and this can help the writer to learn and increase their expertise as well.

Blogging isn’t for everyone

This is true but almost everyone has subjects and topics to talk about that someone would find interesting.  These topics could be anything related to your industry, real life experiences or even hobbies you might have.  Good blogging takes time, commitment and discipline to write regularly.

Blogging is a slow process

Blogs are a powerful way to communicate your expertise and they are given a high importance by the search engines.  Most often you will find that your blog topics will be indexed faster than the normal “static” content found on your website.  This could be that the search engines places high importance to “real time” information.  Most searches on search engines starts with a question.  What if you could answer that question as it happens?  Think about it.  You are providing “real time” solutions and answering queries that people might have.

Your blog can allow you to listen what your customers and future prospects are saying about their needs and ideas as it happens.

Who will read my blog?

Blogs are a common place today for discussion and you might have noticed that they are scattered around most of the search results found on popular search engines…really talking about Google here. Many people read blogs to find new and current information about their industry.

Negative comments will ruin my company’s reputation

This is also false.  Discussions about your brand and company will take place online with or without your blog.  What will you do if someone leaves a negative comment about your company on their Facebook profile.  The answer to this question is how you will respond to that negative comment. With a blog you can respond to and address issues that people might be having.  How you respond to criticism is what will affect your reputation.  Once again – you are the expert in your field.

I have to blog every day

Posting everyday is not a bad thing, but it is not required.  Most successful bloggers will post and start topics 2-3 times a week.

No one will read my blog

This really depends on what and how you write.  You will develop a regular readership if you write interesting, original and focused content.  The easiest to accomplish this is by deciding before your write on who you would like to reach with your content.  Write about what they are interested in.

As mentioned in the beginning of this post, blogging takes time and dedication but the return that you could receive by doing it will outweigh the costs involved.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions regarding blogging.

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