When using multiple platforms for marketing you must dedicate one medium to drawing attention and the other for closing the deal. Email marketing is an effective way of grabbing the attention of your target audience, but providing them with a link to your social media pages is simply not enough to truly earn conversions. There is a great deal you can actually do to truly merge your email marketing and social media marketing efforts and if you aren’t entirely sure what your options are, consult with a specialist in the online marketing field.

Below are our two top ideas to consider:

  • Use social media to trigger conversations – create custom graphics to be posted on your social media platforms which links directly to your email campaign. When you write content for that post, make sure the interests of the target audience are considered. Asking questions which cause curiosity and including a link that needs to be clicked is also a great way to get consumers clicking through to your email or other platforms.
  • Upload subscribers to social media accounts – linking your email lists to various social accounts is an effective way of merging social and email. You will find many social platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and similar, offer the option of uploading email contacts. This can help with running adverts to a specified audience.

Email marketing and social media marketing services at WSI

At WSI we can professionally advise you on how to merge your social media marketing and email marketing campaigns for the best online marketing results. With our digital media marketing services, you can expect to boost your company’s presence in the online world and can truly harness the potential of both email and social marketing.

To learn more about our email marketing strategies and services, contact us at WSI via email or telephone today.

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