The purpose of content marketing as part of your social selling strategy is to develop an audience and position yourself and your organization as an expert in your field. In this way, you enrich your reputation and therefore also generate new leads.



Social and B2B 

Social selling is not the exclusive domain of B2C companies. In fact, B2B businesses that blog generate 67% more leads per month on average than those that do not. Sharing content that is engaging and useful helps to:

  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Produce relevant new leads.
  • Acquire new customers – and thereby boost sales and profitability.
  • Build trust and establish expertise.
  • Boost customer retention and loyalty.
  • Create future search engine optimization.


Video in Social Selling

Did you know that posts with videos get up to 180% more engagement on Facebook? YouTube is a video only platform, and boasts 1.44 billion active users per month, and is the most highly engaged website of all the social media platforms.


With more and more content being created for all the reasons listed above, it is a good idea to consider video as a way to make your brand stand out.


The content you may have shared as written text can be converted to something extraordinary via video provided that it:

  • Is aligned to your business goals.
  • Can be easily accessed across multiple devices.
  • Delivers something unique and memorable.
  • Is a resource for your audience.
  • Has value to motivate sharing.

Leverage the Influence of Video 

Use video to enhance the results of your social media marketing strategies. The team at WSI OMS are awaiting your call. Contact us for more information today.

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