SMM (Social Media Marketing) is a new frontier for many marketers on the internet. Every business with a marketing strategy should be creating and implementing plans to make use of this phenomenon. You might be asking yourself: “Why is Social Media Marketing so important?”, “What is the fuss about”.  SMM is important because your customers are using it and it’s a way to directly broadcast to them.

Why is Social Media Marketing so important in online marketing? SMM includes micro-blogging, blogs, social networking, professional networking, video sharing, photo sharing and other collaboration websites such wikis. It includes Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, Facebook and many more. Social Media implies a two way interaction rather than one way monolugues. It also involves the building of relationships and conversations with your readers.

Why should your business use Social Media?

  1. Your customers are there: Millions of people participate in networking, read blogs, micro-blogging and listen to podcasts every day. This usually includes people from business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) sectors.
  2. Your competition might not be there: Most small and medium sized businesses are not using social media yet. This gives you a chance to get a jump on your competition. Many large organizations are beginning to market their message through Social Media.
  3. Cost effective: Most Social Media online channels are free to use.  Reach targeted prospects without having to lay down a single sent. The real investment is the time it takes to design your marketing message.
  4. Website traffic: Marketing with Social Media can bring traffic and links to any website. Social Media is not only popular with readers, but search engines gives high importance to links from some Social Media channels.
  5. Extend your reach: Marketing through Social Media introduces your company to new prospects. Traditional media and website marketing reaches a different audience than Social Media.

There are thousands of Social Media channels and options available to your company. What is exciting is that it is still very new to most businesses even though it has been around for a while.  SMM can give you the opportunity to be the leader in your market.

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