As a creative copywriter, you will often have to write about another company’s products. You’re not the owner of the product, you’re (probably) not the target market and you can’t do hours of research about the specific market segment – but you do need to get people to read about it and ultimately buy it. Writing about products can become mind-numbing if you have been contracted to write a number of pages and when your ideas run it, it shows in your work.

Here are some fatal flaws that should be avoided to create great content about products:

Stop writing about yourself!

Unless you are the chief communications officer for Apple or Harley Davidson, chances are people don’t want to hear the words “we” and “our” and any other self-important rambles. Establish how popular a brand is before you start marketing the product’s affiliation to a specific company.

Fulfil a need

Internet users rarely go online thinking “I wonder what I can buy today!” so starting an article with hard-selling words such as ‘brand new’, ‘improved’, ‘get 1 free’ and these types of agency catch phrases will only harm your content. People go online to find information and fulfil their own needs so keep your article informative and to the point.

Don’t stress the technical stuff

If you are selling a technical product to engineers or IT wizards, don’t worry about the lingo. Chances are the people who are selling and buying the products know the industry-speak and can give you a brochure before you start copywriting, but don’t assume knowledge. If something sounds vague, link to a Wikipedia explanation so that you don’t lose your readers.

Avoid laziness

Saying that proofreading is important is an understatement. It’s also something that every copywriter knows but few of them rarely apply this principle. A good tip is to leave your article for a day or so and simply re-read it before you send off the final copy (you will be surprised to see how many mistakes you made that you didn’t pick up the first time around).

Don’t be lame

Whether you’re trying to sell a tooth brush or the brand new motorcycle helmet – do it differently than other articles you find on the web. Don’t try to copy existing content in a rush to get it finished. If a company is spending money on hiring a professional copywriter to write about their product, they are going to expect something different than the average brochure-type article.

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