Many business owners have only view it as a responsibility that can be tended to every now and again. Running your small business is an arduous labour of love, but promoting your company continually with new, targeted efforts is necessary to connect with new customers and stay top-of-mind with current ones.

1. Ride the daily deals wave

Daily deals exist for nearly every industry or audience these days. Sites such as Groupon can help you market your local business to consumers and can connect your company with very targeted, very receptive business purchasers.

Daily deal sites offer specific packages that help promote businesses at the optimal time to the people who are likely to act quickly.

2. Create a Foursquare presence

Location-based services are a great way to market your business, whether you’re a restaurant owner or a realtor. Foursquare offers a free set of tools for merchants and business owners to attract new customers and keep their most loyal ones coming back.

B2B companies can use Foursquare to market their products and services locally in much the same way. In fact, even more untapped opportunities exist for business-facing companies to use location as a sales tool. Learn about venues and places in your sales region that your target customers are likely to frequent. Use location-based applications to connect with them, or to expand your lead database by identifying new companies in your area.

B2B companies could also use location-based services to stimulate interaction at business events and tradeshows.

3. Enable word-of-mouth marketing

Today’s customer—consumer or business—doesn’t touch a new product, restaurant, or service agreement without researching online and around 70% of website traffic is consumers researching your products and services after finding you using keywords or Google Ads. The more educated customers are prior to making a purchase, the more influenced they are in their decision-making.

Ask your customers to review your business on various websites, such as Google Places or respond to your blog or Social Media Channel

Differentiate your business by being present where your customers are. Just as most consumers want peer recommendations before making a purchase, they also want to connect with companies in new, refreshing ways that help them understand the company’s products or services, and frankly, give them a reason to return.

Businesses that provide customers multiple opportunities to connect not only bring a breath of fresh air to their marketing programs but also strengthen the relationships they have with their customers in unprecedented ways.

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