Whether you have an existing internet marketing strategy or you’re only moving online now, a competitor analysis can change the entire direction you want to take. While this may seem like a huge upheaval, it’s vital that you know exactly what your competitors are doing before you make decisions regarding how you’re going to spend your money online.

The important thing about any digital marketing strategy – whether it’s creating a paid search advertising campaign or choosing the social media platforms that you’re going to use – is that you need to have a clear plan. You can’t decide to start blogging, Tweeting, pinning or creating Pay-Per-Click ads if you don’t have a clear map (along with measurable goals) that you’re setting out to reach.

Here at WSI OMS, we provide clients with an extensive competitor analysis (whether they’re partnering with us for internet marketing solutions or not) so that they have a clear idea of what their competitors are doing. If you want to identify threats and opportunities in the marketplace, then you need a competitor analysis from us. Here is what this will give you:

  • Know what keyword phrases your competitors are targeting
  • Gain insight into the gaps in the industry. What are your competitors’ weaknesses, what are they being criticized for and how can you use this information to your advantage?
  • Learn about the social platforms they are using and how they have built their online communities
  • Find out how your competitors are driving traffic to their websites
  • Find out how your competitors are acquiring new customers online
  • Learn from the mistakes that your competitors have made in the past

If this sounds like the type of information your company needs, it’s time to contact WSI OMS for a competitor analysis today.

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