Okay, so now you simply have the hottest website on the block but for some reason or another, sales are the same – no movement and hardly any traffic diverted to your fantastic new website. So what’s the deal? Your logo is fabulous, your content is great, your headings are captivating, yet your traffic is nothing to write home about, so to say.

The reason why you are falling short is that it is not good enough to have a knockout website, but it is also important to manage the site properly. Is your SEO up to scratch and are you ranking high enough on Google? Your website may not be easy to find.

Search Engine Optimisation tips for web designers

  • Pay attention to the code. Don’t only focus on what your clients will see, but also the coding behind the website. Tell Google what your pages are about by using descriptive tags for your images and meta titles.
  • Don’t overdo the keywords. Ideally, a web designer shouldn’t be the person focusing on SEO, but if you’ve been tasked with the job it’s important to focus on not overdoing the keywords. Also make sure that each page has a unique title.
  • Use interesting text links. Links are an important part of search engine optimisation. Using general text such as “click here” or “read more” means that you’ve wasted a huge opportunity. Rather use keywords in your text links, such as: learn more about “financial advisors” (and this text link can link to the home page or the company profile).

Perhaps you need to call on the experts to give you some much needed advice. One way of increasing traffic flow to your site would be by outsourcing SEO and submission or try reciprocal link building to send more traffic to your site by finding link partners.

The other scenario might be is that your site might be fantastic, you have done all the right things, and traffic is coming hard and fast and you are not terribly certain how to go about “growing” your site. Maintaining a good relationship with the company or individual that designed your website is beneficial as any slight or small changes to your site can be tweaked when added information needs to be added.

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