Any company needs to take positive steps to manage its corporate identity. This post presents rules to guide companies to protect their online identity, build trust and how they can assure their clients that they are dealing with an authorized company representative empowered to speak on behalf of the company and to help them if they have a problem.

Create a profile that helps people verify your affiliations – Many purported companies on social networks have turned out to be bogus. You need to link your online profile to your company website to give consumers a place to go if they have questions. Use your company logo as your profile picture and use it with supporting graphics.

Let consumers know who they are talking to – Explain briefly who is managing your page / account.

Publish your social media affiliations on your website – List your companys social media profiles on the news page of your website. This allows your clients to quickly verify which social networks you are part of.

Live and let live – Weigh the risks and benefits of any unauthorized use of your corporate identity. Often there are hidden benefits that outweigh traditional concerns about logos & trademarks.

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