Always having to manage and watch your online reputation is most often thought as a bad side of Web 2.0. By always monitoring your reputation and the management of it has become a way of life for most celebrities, major companies, public officials and other sorts of online related businesses.

It’s a fact that bad news travels faster than the good news. By having a negative online reputation can affect customer relations, sales, employee retention, brand names, families and even friendships. With more than 70 % of the world’s population online today and well over 90% of companies making use of the online world, a good respectable online reputation is crucial for business.

In today’s online driven world, the management of your reputation is important to even the average person. Most companies when they are employing, searches Google or another search engine and social network to research and learn more about the prospective that they hire. This means managing your own digital reputation is becoming more important for those looking for the key position.

The management of your online reputation

The management of your online reputation consists usually of three levels.  Most likely, you won’t need to move beyond the first level.  Hopefully…

Monitor the blogosphere

You can setup tracking systems to notify you as soon as a posting is made anywhere about your company, your brand name and yourself. Google Alerts is an excellent tool to achieve this and it’s one of the most comprehensive monitoring tools available and it is free.

Responding to bad publicity

This is called “damage control”. Once you have detected a problem, it’s necessary to find the best counter back to minimize the reputation damage or perhaps turn around some one who is an enemy into a connection.

Repair your reputation

Once the damage is done, there’s a process you need to follow to repair and restore your online reputation.  Since you won’t be able to remove what was said and written (there’s some ways this can be done), you have to use a campaign of positive PR that only focusses on your targeted keywords to dilute and push the negative comments deeper into the search results.

By having a good, positive reputation online can only mean one thing – respect.

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