The Web represents pure capitalism at its best and is a global phenomenon which has never existed before. More than any particular industry or field, it is truly a consumer’s market that has a relative low cost, barrier to entry. Within a very short time if you do not have an on-line presence you or your company will be invisible to the consumer who uses the internet “mostly’ at this stage to research required products and services and you would want to present your at the exact moment that that person is searching using what is termed as ‘key’ words.

Once just having a website was once enough to stand out in the crowd and be regarded as have a “through the line” marketing strategy when used in conjunction with other media. This on-line world has exploded and borders on being almost overpopulated not just with legitimate competition but a countless number of charlatans and inexperienced teenagers posing as service providers. With so many fly-by-night sites acting as background noise, a soft spoken or unprofessional website that has not been optimised allowing search engines to find you is easily drowned out.

The intention is to provide information to those savvy businessmen who want to use their websites to market their businesses and act as a silent sales force generating and attracting interested parties, leads and ultimately conversions. It’s a subtle yet crucial point that will make more sense as you venture further.

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