Location-based mobile marketing is one of the greatest developments in the digital industry over the past five years. It gives you the ability to engage with a customer in the right area, at the right time – which is priceless.

There are, however, many business owners and internet marketers who are getting it wrong (for example, sending someone in Cape Town a message at 2am telling them they can go check out your new products at your Johannesburg store RIGHT NOW!). That’s when people opt out from receiving messages from you and sometimes even report you to the consumer complaints commission.

A new survey from Hipcricket showed that over half of the respondents said they found mobile messages from brands intrusive and spammy and close to half said the messages they receive aren’t relevant to their interests. What does that tell is? It tells us that we’re not personalising our mobile strategies for our various audiences.

The good news, however, is that location and demographic data are the most common forms of data that people are willing to share with companies. This means that – if you play your cards right and follow through with a smart campaign – you can create location-based mobile messages that are relevant to your potential customers (and will more likely result in business for you).

GPS technology allows you to target customers based on where they are. Combine this type of data with customer behaviour and you’ve got a winning strategy to launch a mobile marketing campaign that adds value to your customers’ lives as well as your bottom line.

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