Infographics have taken over digital marketing. They are not only attractive and easy to share on social media platforms, but also communicate a lot of information in a simple and eye-catching way.

You don’t have to be a designer with killer graphic design skills to create infographics to enhance your content marketing strategy. The following tips will help you develop killer infographics and take your content to a whole new level:

  1. Make use of paid user-friendly software

There is a lot of user-friendly software available online that even an amateur can use to design an infographic. These include PiktoChart,, Creatly.

These options allow you to create professional looking infographics by simply inputting data and choosing templates that are suitable to you. Many of the software providers such as PiktoChart also include a paid service, which means you can use the software without having to purchase and install it on your machine.

  1. Use free software

Can’t afford paid software? Not to worry. There are many free software options online including, Picmonkey and Many of the paid software also offer free options so you can test their software. Take advantage of this and test your skills in creating infographics.

  1. Apply Design Principles

Even with free equipment, the basic design principles still apply. In order to create a professional looking infographic, consider the following design principles:

  • Let the data guide the design

You can’t design an infographic effectively, without knowing what data you will include. The data will guide the design of the infographic.

  • Keep it clear

Ensure the information is clear and can be easily understood. Remember that the infographic is a tool of communication.

  • Maintain some white space

Using white space to frame your content ensures your layout remains simple and makes the design attractive.

  • Communicate through design

Use design to drive your message across. Include shapes, colours, clip art and images to communicate as opposed to filling it with text.

  • Be creative

You need to think outside the box. Consider other infographics for inspiration on how to present your statistics and facts in a creative way.

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