The design and layout of your website copy have a huge impact on its readability. That’s the obvious part. The not so obvious part is how this affects your conversion rates. A website with text that’s difficult to read is unappealing and customers will likely leave your site, causing your conversion rate to drop. Great typography ensures ease of access to your website’s content, it can highlight important information and it can help communicate your brand personality. Here are a few ways you can use typography to enhance your website design:

  • Three’s Your Lucky Number

Keep things simple by using a maximum of three font families on your site: one for the headline, sub headline and body text.

  • Use A Sans-Serif Font

In general, sans-serif fonts are easier to read on the web. Using a clean sans-serif font works well across devices as it’s more readable on smaller screens. But, keep in mind that not all fonts that work on a desktop will work on mobile, so choose a font that’s optimal across a spectrum of screen sizes.

  • Font-Size Matters

Between 15 and 18 px is a good font-size for body and paragraph text. It’s not small enough to make you squint and it’s not too big to have your readers endlessly scrolling or swiping through your content.

  • Do Some Research

Have a look at your favourite websites and blogs and make a note of the font-families they use. A tool that can help you do this is a plug-in called Fount. From the Fount website, you can drag and drop the plug-in into your bookmarks bar. It’s super easy to use.

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