By Francois Muscat

Social selling is the buzzword in all types of social media marketing and digital marketing. People are researching the topic, seeing how it works and they want to start using social media to sell more.

While many people draw up plans and realise the opportunity that social selling offers, they’re unsure how to start incorporating this into their day-to-day sales and social media activities. Here are the first few steps:

Find an interesting article

Most business owners and sales people are avid readers when it comes to their industries or business niches. Take your laptop, phone or computer and start browsing the internet for an article which makes you sit up straight and read it. Find an article that’s not only interesting to you, but would also help educate your potential buyers. Remember, the goal of sharing content is to help a social media user to make more informed buying decisions.

Share the content

What time of day is your potential buyer most likely to be able to browse social media and read articles? Whether it is 6am, lunch time or at night, schedule the post to appear on their news feeds during this time. Not only do you need to share the article on Facebook, but also LinkedIn, Twitter, GooglePlus or any other social media network that your potential buyers are using.

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