Online Classified Ad directories can be leveraged to attract business for your company. When written correctly and placed in the right media they can render good results for you in terms of customers who are looking to buy what you sell.

An online classified ad post does not need to be lengthy. Howvever, you should place special focus when you are crafting the headline and body copy of the ad. To be effective, the headline and copy must tell readers in just a few short words what you sell, why the reader will want to buy from you and what action you want the reader to take (for instance, click a link for more information , send away for information or call you on the phone.)

The headline should catch the reader’s eye and ‘hook’ them into scanning the rest of the ad copy. Focus on ‘Words that Sell‘. For example, words that promise a benefit such as “free,” “fast,” “reliable” combined with a term that summarizes what the reader wants to acquire works well to encourage the reader’s eye into the rest of the ad.

Although the number of words you can use may be limited by the kind of online classifieds you’re using or by how much you’re willing to spend, don’t cut so many words out of the text that the ad becomes meaningless. To make sure your ad is clear, have a few friends and family members read the ad before you submit it. If they don’t understand what you’re selling and why someone should call you, rewrite the ad.

In addition to helping you sell, Online Classifieds are also beneficial from an SEO perspective. If you have a website, then you can place a link to your website in your online classified ad. Google recognises incoming links as a good ranking criteria.

Some popular Online Classified Ad Directories include: Gumtree and Craigslist. There are obviously many more, however, the effectiveness of your classified ad will depend on several factors including what country you are in and what product you are trying to sell. So do some research around online classified directories that are specific to the country you are in and what you are wanting to sell.