The first perception of an organisation, which is made by an online client, is created by the first impression of the look and feel of the website. The symbolic attributes they perceive are then associated with the organisation, its brand, its products and its services. It is thus crucial to convey the correct message, look and feel of a company through their website.

In the same breath, creating a website with all the bells and whistles won’t automatically lead to loyal customers. Next time you start the process of creating a website for an organisation, make sure you know exactly what the client’s goal is with the website.

30-second impact

The layout of the homepage is of utmost importance as it is the first impression a consumer receives and usually sticks with them. Make sure that by a glimpse alone an individual will exactly know i) who the organisation is, ii) what they stand for and iii) their views and goals. On a homepage one must list key words that help reach the previously mentioned goals and not go into immense detail.

Lead them in

There should be a logical layout of broad categories, thus the segmentation of what consumers are going to do in the website is crucial. This ensures that individuals can drill down into each category with ease. This also does not waste the readers time which also creates a sense of professionalism and efficiency.

Give info about the company

The About Us page doesn’t have to be the same-old corporate profile anymore. Try to convince your client to put up pictures of the management team, past events and so forth. This gives the website a personal touch and can give you a few ideas on how to get creative with the page.

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