Livecasting is a term used to describe streaming videos live on your company’s social media sites to allow your subscribers to see what’s happening in real time. Companies can also allow viewers to interact with the hosts of the video, submit comments or ask questions in order to make it interactive and it works to create a dialogue between the company and its customers.

Livecasting is an excellent tool for a wide range of businesses and can be used for anything from holding a seminar or launching a new product to performing taste tests, starting a flash mob or marketing a new product or service. During the weeks leading up to the livecast, your company should promote it on all of your social media pages in order to gain maximum exposure, generating optimal interest from your website visitors.

What kind of businesses can benefit from livecasting?

  • Businesses that regularly conduct ‘how-to’ workshops. This can be anything from how to lay tile to how to repair your computer to how to apply eye make-up.
  • Businesses that have a strong visual component. Makeup companies, hair salons, fashion labels, art studios, interior designers and more all have a strong visual component and are ideal for video footage. Use a livecast to show off your amazing work!
  • Businesses that are releasing new products. Is your company releasing a new energy drink? Hold a livecast at a local mall and capture feedback in real time for real people.

For more information about how livecasting can benefit your company or to learn more about WSI’s social media services, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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