Live blog post demo

I am currently presenting to the top performing WSI Internet Marketing Consultants on the uses of blogging and twitter for business. This group is really experienced so I don’t need to explain blogging in much detail.

An interesting search term that I found today; “ is wsi internet consulting a scam ? ” Well anyone who is in attendance here today will know that we are a proud group and certainly an Internet Marketing company that achieves some outstanding results for our customers.

Here is our President Ron Mc Arthur opening our Digital Marketing Underground training.

Ron Mc Arthur

How do I start blogging?

Many people ask me “what is a blog?” and “how to post a blog?” I thought it would be best to demonstrate how I create a blog post and then see how soon it gets read after being published.

I start by loading the SEO Blogger Firefox plug-in from Wordtracker and select keywords that will help me optimize my blog post while writing it.

We are using WordPress so the first thing I do is view how many users are online before I post my blog content. As soon as I publish the post I will return to the dashboard and see whether there is an increase in the number of users.

Hopefully I will get an improvement in the number of  users to prove my point. Let’s see how it goes.

I will let you know what the result was in my next blog post.

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