LinkedIn has become one of the most widely used social media and networking sites for professionals, boasting a group of 590 million of influential, affluent, educated people. A glance at some of the demographics will prove that content marketing on LinkedIn is less about pouts and poses, and more about building valuable connections:

  • LinkedIn is most popular with users aged 46-55 years old. (The average age of a Fortune 500 CEO is 58 years old.)
  • LinkedIn is ideal for targeting high-paying customers as it is home to Fortune 500 executives, CEOs, founders of major companies, and more. 

LinkedIn Tools to Dazzle Your Audience

There are tools built into LinkedIn which assist in boosting your ROI. Available for all LinkedIn advertising products, such as LinkedIn Sponsored Content and LinkedIn Sponsored InMail, LinkedIn Matched Audience zeroes in on users who are most likely to boost revenue. The three targeting options are:

1. Website Retargeting 

LinkedIn members who have already visited your website must already be somewhat interested, right? Define them by which pages they visited, and then use this tool to easily target different audiences with relevant ads.

2. Account Targeting

Tap into the network of LinkedIn’s 19 million Company Pages to find target accounts, segment your list with filters for Company industry or company size, and then market to the appropriate decision-makers and influencers within them.

3. Contact Targeting 

Rather than duplicating your efforts, connect your contact management platform (Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, or Acxiom/LiveRamp) to LinkedIn’s contact targeting. Seamlessly create a customised audience by securely integrating the two.

Award-Winning Solutions 

Leveraging LinkedIn for business purposes is easy once you have a compelling profile and bullet-proof strategy. For more information on how WSI can help you, contact us today.

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