A couple of weeks ago LinkedIn released the LinkedIn Follow Company button that you can use on your website. This update was rolled out on 27 February 2012, but only a few days later an email was sent out about this new feature. If you haven’t integrated the button on your website yet, you are missing out on valuable opportunities to connect with people on LinkedIn.

The new LinkedIn Follow Company button is an excellent way that you can use to interact with your favorite companies on LinkedIn. Once followed, you will be able to see any updates and news from the companies that you follow on your home page, so it is almost in the same boat as Facebook and Twitter. Visit the LinkedIn blog for more tips on how to follow and find companies that are using the new LinkedIn Follow Company button.


Adding the new LinkedIn Company Follow button to your website or blog will make it very easy for potential prospects and fans of your brand to follow your LinkedIn Company profile page. Once people who are interested clicked on the Follow Company button, they will automatically follow your company on LinkedIn and any news and updates that you share on your page.

If you are interested in getting the LinkedIn Company Follow button and your company is listed on LinkedIn, visit the LinkedIn developers page for more information. Fill in the profile page with your company name and whether you just want the button, or if you want to display your follower count on the button. Once completed, click the get code and a snippet of code will be generated which you can then add to your blog content or to your website.

If you have already been using this new feature of LinkedIn on your website, share your experience with us and how it adds value to your social media marketing campaign.

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