The age old saying ‘No press is bad press’ definitely doesn’t extend to link building! When it comes to SEO and creating external links, there is a massive divide between those that will help boost your rankings and those that will cause them to take a knock. Here are our top link building no-no’s that every business should know:


  • Never Purchase Links 

You may think that this is a simple way in which to fool Google, but rest assured that it won’t take the global search engine long to uncover your black hat strategy. With constant algorithm updates, there’s no more hiding – and once discovered, your SEO rankings are going to plummet quite drastically indeed. In short, it just isn’t worth it.


  • Steer Clear of Low-Quality PR Sites 

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how interesting or well-written your press release is, if you distribute it onto every PR site that you can find, it is going to have a detrimental effect on your SEO. Be very selective about the PR sites that you choose. Remember that since the Google Penguin algorithm update, the distribution of content to free PR websites is strictly frowned upon.


  • Avoid Link Pyramids 

Before recent updates were implemented, link pyramids were a common link building strategy that worked for a while. However, now that Google has improved its ability to detect this type of activity, it can quickly identify these pyramids as spam. Yes, you guessed it, it definitely won’t do your rankings any favours!

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