My good friends Eli & Wendy Biksen from Jupiter, Florida, have just launched a new website for Haifa Limestone and I had the pleasure of brain storming with them on the development of this new website in the limestone industry.

The first thing we did was to conduct a competitor analysis on the major the Limestone suppliers in the United States.

If you are going to build a new website then you may as well do it right and plan your strategy upfront for the keywords and content you should use to ensure that you can dominate the search results for limestone related keywords.

We analyzed the limestone industry for the following:

✓    Their Google PPC activity, keywords and best performing Ads;
✓    The Top 20 Google results for all competitors to identify what their strategy is and to ensure we select the best keywords without wasting time;
✓    The number of back-links using limestone related keyword phrases. This shows us their strategy;
✓    Their social media footprint/reach in social networks like, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Flickr & YouTube. A great way to listen to what’s going on.

After analyzing all the above information we are able to present the data in a simple one page chart as below.

  • The further along the X axis one is, the better their search visibility;
  • The further along the Y axis, the more socially relevant they are;
  • The size of the bubble determines the amount of content – this way we know if they are using inbound marketing techniques

We can see where Haifa Limestone is positioned against their competitors and we know exactly what to do, in which order and how much it’s going to cost.

And better still, when we re-evaluate in 3 months time we should see the progress that we make as well as keep an eye on the competition and their moves.

The next task we did was to identify the Top 100 keyword phrases we are going to target and sorted them into strength of competition.

We do this to identify which “low hanging” keywords we should target first so that we can show results within the first two months.
So we concentrate on the Light and Moderate (competitive) keywords first.

This lime stone company website has an impressive home page that is striking and invites the visitor to see more.

So we welcome you to visit Eli Biksen’s new website that he developed for Haifa Limestone.

You can find Eli and his wife Wendy by searching with the following keywords, search engine optimization Jupiter Palm beach Florida, website design Jupiter Palm beach Florida, Palm Beach Florida pay per click advertising and Internet Marketing Jupiter Palm Beach Florida.

Haifa Limestone are renown for their broad range of limestone that is available in many textures and colors.
They source their stone from the finest limestone quarries in France, Jerusalem, India, Egypt, Italy and Spain.
You can order your limestone pavers and limestone tiles in a variety of finishes such as honed, polished, patina or tumbled.

Now the reason we are blogging about Haifa Limestone, is to get the new website indexed in Google as quickly as possible by using the select limestone hyperlinks in this post to point to the website.

For those of you who have attending any of my digital marketing training courses you will know why blogging is important for your business.

We at WSI can help you become more competitive online through the use of upfront planning and the one service we recommend for this is to do a competitor analysis.

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